The idea of a booty website started off back in early 2001 but it was just a idea, we did not know what we were doing all we had was a camcorder, no clue about the internet and no gal so the idea was just a subject of conversation now and again.

Then in October  that same year we thought that we should go to Holland and see if we could get some of those window ladies to do work for us. So off to Holland we went and did not find a single woman that fitted our bill. So the idea kind of went quiet for a while.



Then in 2002 I met a student who is known now as Obsession an African woman and we start seeing each other. We did not do any videoing then but as she was a life time achievement in the booty stake for me I was just indulging in the ass (it took me 10 years from when I first notice that size and shape to when I first experience it) , she went back home after the summer and me and Vision went back to Holland to try again, this time we found a Dominican girl in one of the windows and this was the first time I had met one. She was very, very shapely but very, very miserable and was not going to be convince into modeling in any way, but after talking to her we manage to find out that there was a lot of shapely gal in the Dominican Republic so  we thought that we should take a trip over there to get material for the site.




Come March 2003 I went solo to Dominica and just looked around for a week. Staying in an all inclusive kept me away from the real people so I got friendly with a cab driver and he took me to the nearest big town which was Puerto Plata and from there met some dudes which introduce me to some ladies. Me being the hot blooded Caribbean man that I am I just indulged in all the pussy I could get. I video the carnival whilst I was over there and showed it to my brethren them back in England and all of wanted to marry a Dominican gal after that so we decided to make a trip back there. Come summertime Obsession came back to England and we got kinky and video a session which was my first time doing so as well, now I am not a film student so I didn't give much thought to any lighting or anything else a pro will consider, all I wanted was to fuck this big ass gal on the camera. Well with the first video under the belt we had to get more material and being  men with day jobs we had to organize our time.




So in March 2004 we went to Dominica again and for the first few day tried our luck in Sosua a tourist village near our resort and girls were willing to fuck but were shy of the camera and being red blooded Caribbean males we spent quite a bit of our budget on just fucking with no cam, so being slightly depressed with spending money having pussy and no material, we set out to Puerto Plata and went to see if we can find the hustlers that I found last time, and sure enough we did, he went by the name of Dominican Marlon, which wasn't his real name but who cares, he got us results and the first photo material I got was Austia and the first filming we done was Jennifer Garcia and Ingrid, we also traveled to Santiago and done Rouge and Leena in a working house so the trip  became successful in a sense but we were hoping for a lot more material plus the best girls out there didn't want to be filmed of photographed but with the little time we had which was 2 weeks and the amount we were willing to spend we did ok, in August 2004 we launch BIGBUBBLINGBUTTCLUB.COM, we didn't have a clue on web designing but I picked up things as I went along at the same time we took our second trip that year to the Dominican  and we got a few more girls.




We took another trip to Holland and found Veronica which we took some pics of and done a very bad video with. In March I went solo to Africa and that is when I found booty heaven from that time on BIGBUBBLINGBUTTCLUB.COM  was all African models, I made several trips there and started to progress in my videoing a little bit.




Come summer 2006 Vision wanted to go to Dominican Republic again. I manage to find Dolly and Ruth, Ruth came on her cycle when we were filming so we did not complete this session. After a week out there we came across corruption and just about got through a few months out there but did not film any more




I had to come back from the dead and went back to Africa and got a lot of work done quickly and with all the new African models dominating BIGBUBBLINGBUTTCLUB.COM, space was needed so I thought that I should create a separate site for the Latina models that I have worked with. So I started work on BIGBUBBLINGLATINBUTT.COM. With 24  models already there the site has a lot of promise. This venture will take me to Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, South America and the U.S. My aim is to find the Latina version of Obsession, and Cherokee d ass, Will I do it? Stay tuned for the ride